Timothy Wilde

Professional Psychic
Crystal Ball & Tarot Expert * Empath * Life Coach * Medium * Symbolist

As a certified psychic consultant with over twenty five years of professional psychic experience, my choice-centered psychic readings are designed to navigate individuals through the static and confusion of modern life, inviting them to rediscover their own hidden potential. 

By employing a variety of psychic tools including the Tarot, numerology, astrology, symbolism and gazing into my trusty crystal ball, I use an intuitive approach in my readings, facilitating emotional healing and supporting folks on their own unique path. Whether there is a need to sort out a current life situation or get a clearer picture about someone, my clairvoyant readings will get to the heart of the matter. For a glimpse of the future road up ahead, contacting loved ones in spirit, or learning about one’s own spirit guides, past lives or psychic gifts, I can help. 

Timothy Wilde & Drake, Crystal BallI am available for a psychic consultation in person at The Source most days after 1:00 PM. I teach divination, metaphysics and mythology classes and hold quarterly fairs and monthly psychic happenings here as well. Please contact me to make an appointment for a psychic consultation with me, to sign up for one of my classes, or if you have any questions about my rates or community events I host here at the Source.

Text or call: 505-850-5624

Facebook: @WildePsychicInsights

Email: wildepsychicinsights.