Friends of the Source

One of The Source’s primary values is Community. We cultivate a rich and diverse group of people to be our friends and neighbors. This list represents just a few of our good friends whose products, services and missions we can support, that we use, and whom we love.


Outside of this list, The Source also likes to provide our community with resources about health and wellness. You can find a page of such resources by clicking HERE.

Albuquerque Herbalism

New Mexico’s community herbalism program, offering classes and workshops in a variety of different topics, frequently at the Source.

Factory on 5th

Old factory space that has been turned into art studios for many Albuquerque artists, Factory on 5th also has an art gallery named Factory 5G.

Mama’s Minerals

Mama’s Minerals sells crystal gemstones and geodes, priding itself on its knowledgeable customer service, honed over more than two decades in the rocks and minerals business.

Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters

“Hand Crafted Coffee For A Busy World” is their motto. Good coffee and cheer, including a location at the Source.

Self Serve

Self Serve is a feminist owned, sex-positive, health- and education-focused adult shop and resource center.


The Soilutions family is three divisions working towards a common goal – to return the value of organic material to our depleted desert soils. Soilutions Inc. helps us help the environment by picking up coffee grounds from Michael Thomas Coffee here at the Source.

Space for Grace Rentals

Several units are owned and operated by the Source’s founder and owner, Charey Fox, to be rented for short- and long-term leases for visitors to Albuquerque.

Sunflower River

“Sunflower River is joyfully creating a sanctuary wherein we embody and promote sustainability, spirituality, adaptability & safety within our selves, community, our land and Gaia.” An intentional community and farm in Albuquerque’s south valley, Sunflower River has been both a friend and inspiration to the entire mission of the Source.

Tortuga Gallery

A space for community, art and performance in the heart of Albuquerque. Good friends of the Source and sometimes considered “The Source – West.”

Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico

TGRCNM is dedicated to serving the transgender communities in the state of New Mexico and strives to exist as a clearing house for resources which can support, assist, educate, and advocate for the transgender and gender non conforming population of this state.