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Closer EncountersThe world simply needs more intimacy. We’re separated by various -isms and a world that values us based on what we produce. Compassion and empathy and touch are seen as expendable. Touch is a way to get beyond our own skins and feel connected, but also to be grounded in our own being. Whether we talk about increasing beneficial neurotransmitters (cuddling is like natural prozac) or simply about the often-buried social need to feel connected, touch is simply necessary. Unfortunately, for any number of reasons (often from trauma or simply life circumstance) a large number of people are deficient in loving and compassionate touch. And even still, there are many people who have never learned how to receive it!

Closer Encounters is a group of practitioners who believe that touch, itself, is therapeutic and available to all. We provide sessions for individuals (and couples) to receive non-sexual, full-bodied touch. The basis of our work is in consent, and we will model and maintain communication and boundaries that provide meaningful and loving touch. With that in mind, almost all sessions will be hands-on, with as little or as much touch as we mutually decide.

Our rates are individual, so please scroll down to see each of the Closer Encounters practitioner profiles.

We offer cuddle sessions to all people!
We do not exclude based on gender, sexuality, race or ethnicity.
We specifically like to see elders, people with disabilities, and people of all sizes, who frequently lack sufficient touch.

For more information or questions, reach out and touch us at abqcuddle. We look forward to hearing from you!



Charey K Fox is the owner of The Source. She also has a transpersonal-based coaching practice called Space For Grace Consulting that supports couples and individuals through trauma, communication blocks and overwhelming life situations to come to greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives.
Charey spontaneously created group cuddling experiences for herself and friends for over 30 years. Before anyone was teaching anything about cuddling she was capable of holding the space for people to have safe affection and just laugh and have fun together. Now recognizing that the root of isolation and loneliness can partially be remedied through healthy platonic touch she hosts a weekly experience, The Cuddle Revolution, every Sunday 6pm, $20 donation.
Charey offers private cuddling as well. Because of her background with trauma techniques she can be present for the healthy touch and grounding needed for someone having challenging memories, for people dying, or aging, or facing loss. And she’s up for just having fun and relaxing.
Charey charges $45-$90 per hour for individual sessions. For packages or discounts please discuss with her. To schedule a session, or for more information, contact Charey at (505) 991-0839

Selah (SAY-la) Kaiser is a life long lover of warmth and affection. She cuddles from a place of understanding that authentic connection and healthy touch are vital forms of human connection. Selah was raised in New Mexico and holds a BLA in Art Therapy.

Her cuddle services are safe and client-centered. She is happy to cuddle with people of all ages, genders, abilities, etc. Please contact Selah to schedule a cuddle.

Selah charges $40-$80 per hour. She can be reached at 505-310-0990.


Sun 20

Cuddle Revolution

October 20 @ 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm MDT



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If you have any questions, or would like to book a session, please contact us at abqcuddle. Thank you very much!