Salubrio Natural Health Care

Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine

Creating Vibrant Health

stems from the combining of two words which also represent my goal for every patient: salubrious (healthy) and brio (vigor or vivacity).

Karla Koch, ND, DOM, RN of Salubrio recognizes that disease results from a combination of factors, including diet and lifestyle, toxicity exposure, genetic predisposition, and emotional influences. Optimizing healthcare requires appreciating the complicated roles these factors play, then counseling and treating the patient in a cooperative effort to achieve maximum wellness.

I use a multi-faceted personalized approach that stimulates the body’s natural healing process and addresses primary symptoms as well as the underlying cause of illness. My diagnostic and healing techniques combine modern scientific, functional and traditional empirical methods to profoundly improve health and vitality.”

My goal is to bring “health” and “caring” back into “healthcare.”

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