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Dr. Karla Koch:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I was extremely pleased with the results of the remedies you recommended and administered for my recent outbreak of shingles. I have suffered with shingles outbreaks several times and have dealt with weeks of discomfort, irritation, pain and scarring. The homeopathic remedies you recommended to me and administered in your office by injection provided immediate relief. I was amazed. The very next day there was a very significant improvement on the shingles site and there was no more itching or burning sensation. I continued the remedies the next few days and the shingles site became very minimal and faded away leaving no scarring. I’ve never seen anything work so quickly and so well for shingles.

I have used vitamin supplements, L-Lysine, essential oils and herbs in the past with some degree of success but I am certain that the key factor in this instance and the quick results was the homeopathic treatment. I’ve learned most important when dealing with shingles is to begin treatment as soon as the outbreak is recognized. I invite others who suffer with shingles outbreaks to quit suffering and let holistic/naturopathic and homeopathic treatment be your source of immediate relief.

Just a note: I had tried allopathic/traditional medicine the first outbreak I had and I was exasperated that the physician didn’t even recognize that what I had was a shingles outbreak and then the subscribed medication made me have a terrible reaction and I suffered unnecessarily.

I am very thankful for homeopathic and holistic/naturopathic treatment. It really works!

Thank you.

Laura C., Albuquerque

“Karla, I just wanted to tell you how much better my back is [after the acupuncture treatment today]. It’s incredible! I mean, it’s just far far better. Many thanks”

BW, Albuquerque

I just wanted to let you know how well I am doing. This month’s menses have been much better, I had much less cramping than usual and I had no pre-menstral breakout. I am now off of the harsh benzoyl peroxide cream and my skin is sooo happy! This whole body approach has not only improved my appearance but also my entire being. I feel less anxious, I sleep much better, I have had almost no digestive discomfort when before I just accepted it as part of life. I have become so much more physically aware of how things, environmentally, nutritionally, emotionally all affect me. It has inspired me to learn more about holistic health and consciously eating for health as well as pleasure. This has all changed my life for the better. I want you to realize that the work you do for people is so important. I saw so many skin doctors and all they did was disappoint me and potentially make my health worse. I will be eternally grateful to you! Again, thank you so much, and I thank the Universe for sending you into my life!

KR, Albuquerque

“Dr. Karla Koch’s breadth of knowledge is matched only by her sincere enthusiasm to help people heal. She really helped me make progress when mainstream medicine could do no more for me. Thanks!!”

Tim Gannon, EMT-B, Santa Fe, NM

“New to the area, I recently had several appointments with Dr. Karla Koch. I found that she is warm, caring, very attentive to details, but most especially that she listens. I think Dr. Koch’s background as a ND, a DOM and being a registered nurse was helpful to me in addressing my digestive challenges. Thanks to Dr. Koch I feel better and better on a daily basis.”

CK, Albuquerque, NM

“I am a physician who frequently collaborates with Dr. Koch in the care of patients. I find her approach to be very helpful to my patients, so much so that I send my twenty and seventeen year old children to her for their healthcare. They also like her approach very much. I could not recommend her more highly.”

Dr. Robert Skoog, Albuquerque, NM

“I began noticing difficulties with my digestion and a frequent occurrence of gas. After several months and several appointments with medical doctors including a visit to the emergency room, a friend suggested that I consult a naturopathic doctor in my area.

An internet search provided me with the name of Dr. Koch. I contacted her by email and received a response from her almost immediately. I was able to set an appointment with her that very week.

After my first appointment with Dr. Koch, I have been taking supplements provided by her from her office. Since that very first day, I have felt that my body has begun to heal. Each day I feel as though I am closer to good health. My indigestion is much better and the gas problem has disappeared.

I feel totally confident in Dr. Koch and am truly thankful for her. Her understanding of healing has been very reassuring for me. How grateful I am that I found someone with the knowledge to help me. I wholeheartedly recommend her to others who are in need of healing.

I am feeling so much better and am happy to proclaim so from the rooftops!”

Joy L. Killgore, Socorro, NM

“I don’t think words alone can express my gratitude to Dr. Koch of Salubrio Healthcare for all she has done for my life. By the time I found Dr. Koch, my health had greatly deteriorated. I had multiple complications from a surgical procedure that had taxed me greatly and kept me from working for months. I was in pain with severe fatigue. Though a bit of a”doubting Thomas”, I was desperate for relief and a return to at least some semblance of functionality. To my surprise, the combination of Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture not only started me back on the path to health, but also helped me in ways I never could have imagined. I am still healing, but I am able to work again. I am able to go for walks, resume traveling and have fun in the process. My doubts have faded away as quickly as my health has returned. Life no longer feels like it is slipping away. My life has resumed and flourished.”

Kym Halliday RN, BSN, Albuquerque, NM

“One day prior to competing in a triathlon I pulled a muscle in my back and could not walk or move at all without intense pain. I was ready to pull out of the race, when I decided to try acupuncture from Dr. Karla Koch. Karla was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and skilled, and to my surprise my back felt better almost immediately. I woke up the next morning completely pain free and went on to successfully compete in the triathlon. I recommend Dr. Koch wholeheartedly and without reservation.”

Dr. J. Pierce, Ph.D., Albuquerque, NM

“I definitely regard Karla Koch as a resource with a wealth of experience and wisdom, and as I am beginning to take the study of herbal medicine more and more seriously, I find myself thinking often, what would Karla say?”

Emily Cooney, NTS, former student, Albuquerque, NM

“During my training in medical school I was lucky to find Dr. Koch. Going to her for acupuncture helped me to deal with the stressors of school, and I found her to be knowledgeable in both western and naturopathic medicine.”

Danielle Pattison, Albuquerque, NM

“I believe strongly in you and your approach to healing. I also respect and believe in the uncomplicated business aspect of your practice. Thanks for helping me and for providing a much needed alternative to conventional medicine.”

Mark Mellott, Albuquerque, NM

“Sometimes after you get acupuncture, you can’t tell if it made a big difference, but when I was riding my bike after I left [your office] it made a really big difference in how my leg felt. I could really feel it riding to your place, and afterwards it just felt much much much better. I wanted to thank you!”

Chad Scheer, Albuquerque, NM

“I prefer always to seek alternatives to Western Medicine as I grew up with the teas and home made remedies as a child in the Caribbean. Holistic medicine speaks to my heart and makes me feel that I am truly respecting my body and mind. Thank You Karla for being knowledgeable and supportive.”

Sabina Modeste, LMT, Phoenix, AZ

“I like to make informed decisions regarding my healthcare. Whenever I have questions about my health, Dr. Koch is my first resource. She is extremely knowledgeable; plus provides me with avenues to research on my own.”

Nicole Elliott, Phoenix, AZ

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