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Flu prevention

By now we’ve all heard the basic suggestions to prevent swine flu,  but there’s something missing in my opinion. I’m more interested in how to keep our immune system strong so we don’t get sick very often nor stay sick for long. Read about what you can do: Keep the Bugs at Bay

Gained a few unwanted pounds?

A few healthy guidelines will help you navigate and prevent this problem from becoming exaggerated. Read about what you can do: Feeling A Little Bit Heavy?

Ease away those pesky menstrual cramps

If you’re like most women out there, you’re more familiar with menstrual cramps than you’d care to admit. There are many options to reduce or eliminate cramps, and the ones listed here have the side benefit of improving your overall health. Read more about what you can do: Ease Away Those Pesky Cramps

Sneezing upon sun exposure

Why do some people sneeze when they see the sun? Don’t laugh; this is an actual phenomenon, one that some people deal with on a daily basis. Read more about it here: ACHOO!

Boost your immune system naturally

Every year lately we’re hearing about or experiencing one pandemic virus or another. It’s obvious from the proliferation of hand sanitizer around every corner that we are living in fear but perhaps we’re not making the best decisions about how to minimize our risk. Read more about it here: Boost Your Immune System Naturally

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